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SRM Overseas – For International Studies is a leading education consulting firm in India, assisting students to study abroad across different popular destination with quality services in terms of professional career counseling, admissions, visa assistance, course selection, scholarships, credit transfer and student career counseling. The company offers to reach maximum potential push to students to achieve their ambitious career goals.

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Our Mission

The mission of SRM Overseas is to make the process of residing, studying, working and visiting any place outside of one's home country, simpler.

Our Vision

Our team at SRM Overseas believes in aspiring to one’s dream in an active and efficient manner by capitalizing on the use of available resources.


We stand for our integrity and take full ownership and pride in what we do in the field of education and career counseling. The company has successfully assisted over 2000 happy students with their career prospects abroad since 2003.

The firm is more embedded towards understanding student recruitment and guide students to their best fit possible course when seeking study abroad opportunities. Primitive aim of each employee of our company is to assist student secure future by means of understanding career outcomes and possible international experience for their self-development.

SRM Overseas regularly arranges seminars sessions for students to meet international university representatives directly for queries and answers, as this is a comfortable and trust level that we prefer to provide to parents before they can acknowledge and give consent to their child to travel abroad for studies. These seminars involve Q/A sessions on admission eligibility, possible scholarship, post study work rights after graduation and step by step guide to launching student visa application.

SRM Overseas is currently representing and recruiting students for almost 500+ institutions from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and Germany . Our trusted partners endorse the services and techniques we provide as being one of the education resource centres for them in India.

Our presences in the market has grown stronger over the years and emerged as a brand name throughout Indian and lead to mutual arrangements with local reputed institutions to provide our services and guide students towards oriented professional world upon graduating from current institution before moving abroad.